My Name Is Paris Gamble

Paris GambleThe concept of “David, Software Engineer” my personal labor of love, It sprung out of the desire to provide my son with a way to connect what he was learning to what he could choose as a potential career.

About this project

I’ve wanted to bring the STEM careers message to kids through comics for a long time. I grew up as a math and science guy that loved comics and my dad taught me to read using comics. I know for a fact that comics work! Now that I have two children of my own I’ve worked to get my own kids interested in STEM. I did not find the existing materials to be very engaging. I am convinced that comics are a better way of getting this information into the hands of kids.

My dream is to eventually create a SERIES of these STEM career comics for kids. Each comic will focus on a STEM job and give some insight into what that job is like, what they would spend their days doing, and what kind of money they can make. Each story will show how a middle school kid became a STEM professional.


In our reward section we describe a variety of packages that you can use to bring “David, Software Engineer” into your home, classroom, group or community. Our packages are designed to fit the needs of most parents, classrooms, groups and communities, but every situation is a bit different. If you don’t see the specific reward or combination of rewards you’d like to see, please contact me and let me know. Contact me at: pgamble422@att.net

Kids need to know that the jobs that will allow them to live a life of their dreams are in the STEM fields. We need to draw a connection between their school efforts and their future lives…this is where communication has been failing between parents and children and teachers and students.

Unfortunately, the depicted parental lecture scene is happening all over the country. Instead of lecturing your kid (again and again) my comic provides you with an alternative for getting STEM career-related information to your kids in a format they will listen to.

There are more forecasted STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) jobs, then we have students in the pipeline. We know those jobs are among the highest paid.

Kids are losing interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

Kids continue to tell us they do not understand how math and science are relevant to their future. They want to know how that the Algebra I class they do not like impacts their future career and lifestyle. The lack of relevancy leads to disinterest, lack of motivation and decreased engagement.

Materials are needed that Engage, Stimulate Interest and Expose kids to STEM concepts and careers that focus on WIIFT (What’s In It For Them).

But don’t take my word for it, check out some of the great feedback I have received from kids about the draft of my comic.



I loved comic books as a kid (and STILL Do!), and I realize that a better way to expose kids to STEM is through a series of comic books focused on STEM careers.

I’ve been working on this idea for quite a while and have already made up two drafts of the comic. I’d like to introduce you to “David, Software Engineer”.[cover image]

David, like most other students, has no idea what he wants to be when he grows up. David is always messing around and fiddling with phones, calculators, and computers. His interests seem to be more on gadgets than actual studies and therefore throughout middle school and high school, he gets tutored by a girl named Carlie. What he didn’t realize was that if he just applied what knowledge he used with his gadgets and gizmos to everyday life, he would be just fine. While being tutored by Carlie, he realizes he likes her but is too shy to say so. Will David ever find out how he can better apply his unique skills towards his future? Will he ever get the courage to tell Carlie how he feels?

In showing my first draft to kids I’ve gotten input that indicated I needed to make some changes for girls. I have modified the comic book so that it appeals to both Girls and Boys. The feedback has been positive from both boys and girls. We’re now ready to finish things up and move forward.

While the work of developing the comic book is nearly complete, we need your help to finish up “David, Software Engineer” and to build up a community interested in bringing the STEM careers message to students in comic book form.


“David, Software Engineer” is different than other career-related materials in that:

1. It has an engaging story
2. It uses graphic art to add to the “text” in the story
3. It includes career-related information from the viewpoint of a young person
4. Maps the necessary skills, knowledge and attributes of a STEM career to specific middle and high school classes

[Sample Career-related content]


I am also creating Educator, Student and Parent Guides to make the comic book a more effective educational tool.

The guides will focus on Vocabulary, Guided Discussion, Discussion Questions, Post Reading Activities, Character Analysis, Standards, Additional Activities, Knowledge Gained, Graphic Organizers and Guided Reading.

career path comic

All of the educators that have reviewed the unfinished guides have commented on how helpful and useful they are.

By supporting this Kickstarter you are helping get “David, Software Engineer” into the hands of the audience it is designed for…KIDS!

Your support will allow me to do the following:

1. Print and deliver comic books to parents with kids, schools with students and other organizations that serve youth to begin to make a DIFFERENCE
2. Create and provide access to digital copies of the comic book for mobile devices
3. Research and identify another STEM career with a Female main character for a 2nd Comic Book
4. Test the curriculum in formal and informal settings
5. Determine the commercial viability of this concept
6. Identify an audience for delivering career-related information about a STEM career in a comic book
7. Collect feedback on how to Better the product moving forward