Last Thursday, there were many webmasters and SEOs who felt Google had a major algorithm or index update. The update was thought to be the size of a major algorithm update such as when Google pushed out Panda, Penguin or any of those other major updates.

A Google spokesperson told us there was no update that they were aware of. In fact, they told us there was definitely no Panda update and as far as they know, no other update that took place on or around Thursday, December 13th.

But all the signals that we track point to some sort of Google update. I posted the immense forum chatter about this update at the Search Engine Roundtable – just scan the 40+ comments to see their reaction.

The three Google search ranking/fluctuation tracking tools I am aware of all showed signs of not just a small Google update but a large one. The tools include MozCastSERPmetrics

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