It’s the most difficult decisions that define a business. Abandoning your comfort zone for the sake of growth and stability. Going with your gut even though you know it will cost you money in the short term.

This month, I’ve had to make the most difficult business decision about Raven since we created the software.

It means letting go of a tool we’ve offered for seven years.
It means removing data that our customers rely on us to provide.

Above all, it means preparing for a future that my Raven co-founders and I strongly believe is coming to this industry.

Raven has decided to remove unauthorized Google data from our platform. As of 5 p.m. PST (GMT-8) on Jan. 2, 2013, we will no longer offer Google rankings and are eliminating our SERPTracker tool in its entirety. Also, we will remove all data provided to us by SEMRush. You have until then to include any of that data in your reports.

According to the Google AdWords API team, these actions by this deadline will bring our software into compliance with the AdWords API Terms of Service; as a result, Raven will continue to offer AdWords tools with data directly from the AdWords API well into the future.

Raven’s co-founders — myself, Jon Henshaw and Scott Holdren — know this change will create hardships for some of our customers. We wish we had more time to make this transition, but that was not in our control. Raven worked hard to make sure you could run reports for all of your data through the end of the year.

We have gathered step-by-step instructions, FAQs and additional information you’ll need to know about this transition into one place. That’s also where you’ll find a public forum for reactions,


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This link http://raventools.com/scraped-data/ gives step by step instructions for exporting the data that you currently have.