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“Statistics can be made to prove anything — even the truth.” – Author Unknown

If you want to know what someone really thinks of something, sometimes the best way is simply to ask them. In marketing circles, this usually translates to surveying our customers or prospects to determine what’s going on in the real world.

We use marketing surveys for a number of reasons, from identifying overall customer satisfaction scores, to deciding how to position new products, to conducting new research to support thought leadership content, as is the case with HubSpot’s new 2013 Inbound Marketing Survey, which we launched last Friday.

But crafting an effective marketing survey is a little bit more complicated than just deciding what you want to know. Your survey’s success is only as good as the data you collect, and there is both an art and a science behind how to ask the right questions. And as we were putting together our own survey, we realized other marketers might be struggling with some of these same issues. So whether you’re currently struggling with survey design or you just want to learn some best practices to keep in mind for your next marketing survey, here are some critical steps I’ve learned from crafting effective surveys over past three years.

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