What is a fan gate?

A fan gate or a ‘like gate’ allows your page to display different contents to those who are not fans and to those who are fans. Imagine a house with a gate that stops someone from getting into your house. If you are not a part of the household, all you see is the gate. If you are a part of the household, then you’d get to be in the house.

A fan gate offers exclusive content to those who have ‘liked’ your Facebook page, those who have not will see a tab asking users to like the page in order to see what’s behind it.

How to use fan gate? 

Although Facebook stops you from setting it as a default landing page, page owners can still direct traffic from Facebook ads to their fan gates.

While fan gates may never be as effective as it used to be, it could still prove to be a powerful (and underused) tool when paired with:


1. Facebook Contest 

We all know that a Facebook competition is an effective way to grow fans. Facebook contests attract audience for several reasons and page owners need to learn to take advantage of this by installing a fan gate. This will push fans to “Like” your page before they can participate in a contest.

Let’s take a look at an example of a Facebook contest with a fan gate created by Good Food & Wine Show usingBinkd.

If you’re not a fan of the page, you’d see the fan gate:

If you’re not a fan of the page, you’d see the fan gate:

After the page is liked:

Uploading a fan gate is easy with Binkd. While you’re in the process of creating a contest, TICK “Require Facebook Like To Enter” and upload an image to use as your fan gate. 

DONE! Now users will need to ‘Like’ your page before they can participate in your contest. The trick here is to maximize the potential of people’s attraction and curiosity from your contest and turning it into Likes.

2. Exclusive offers

Another great way to use your like gate is by pairing it with exclusive offers and promotions. This can be used to boost your engagement with non-fans as it attracts users who want to claim the offer. Because all they need to do to qualify for the offer is to click the like button, most users would not even think twice before liking your page.

Here is an example by Paint the Moon:

Before page is liked:


After page is liked:


3. Exclusive Content

When it comes to social media management, content is still king. What better way to tempt your audience than to giveaway exclusive content? It can be any content such as:

  • Ebooks / Kindle
  • Video
  • Mp3
  • or any other items that can easily downloaded

Here is an example by Paint the moon again who is giving away a handy cheat sheet to crop images:

Before page is liked

After page is liked

A Facebook like-gate is a great to incentivized non-fans to like your page, mainly because it still is a useful platform to broadcast your offers and promotions. With ‘retail’ space being ever so limited in Facebook, page managers should utilize every available space possible and a fan gate is one that cannot be overlooked. Just because you can’t set your default landing page doesn’t mean you shouldn’t utilize this feature to support yourmarketing strategies.