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Let’s just put it out there: I love Kate Spade! And so I religiously follow the company’s Facebook updates. One of the most recent Facebook updates inspired today’s post.

Kate Spade New York is awesome at social media. How do I know this? For starters, they’re contentmarketing masters (have you checked out their blog lately?) Second, they’re total pros at engaging their fans online.

Case in point: Kate Spade New York’s monthly Facebook Exclusives.

Every month Kate Spade New York runs a monthly promotion on their Facebook Page just for their fans.Their promotions and giveaways are always chosen with their audience in mind.

Instead of giving away an expensive iPad that just about anyone would be excited to win, they feature the content and gifts they know their Kate Spade New York fans will love. For example, last month their Facebook exclusive was a Kate Spade New York coffee table book signed by their adored creative director, Deborah Lloyd.

Other than choosing awesome fan-only Facebook exclusives, Kate Spade New York also understands the power of limited-quantity or limited-time only promotions.

For their January Facebook Exclusive, they limited the giveaway to 100 copies of their coffee table. By limiting the number of giveaway items available, it created a sense of urgency and as a result, they had instant engagement with their fans. Their Facebook exclusive was also used as an opportunity for them to promote their new coffee table book which is now available for purchase in stores and online.