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Although Facebook may be a cost effective way to promote your business, the fact is that you must use Facebook Ads if you’re hoping to create a successful brand.

A/B testing, or split testing, is a great way to ensure that the ads you create are as effective as possible. Without the testing process, you could end up wasting a ton of time and money, and the quality of your ads will ultimately suffer.

Split testing to make sure your ads are appealing will go a long way to bolstering your brand and increasing your bottom line. Here’s why.

1. Avoid Waste

Time, money and productivity – these are just a few of the things wasted when you operate an unsuccessful—or even marginally successful—ad campaign on Facebook.

By split testing you can streamline your campaign and ultimately reduce waste.

Finding which ad performs best saves you money by narrowing down your choices, so you only spend on what’s most effective. This process also saves a lot of time, as testing can be performed very quickly using third-party apps.

2. Boost Productivity

With lower costs, quicker posting times for your ads, and a click-through rate that’s potentially much higher, your productivity will skyrocket.

Split testing allows you to post the more popular ad which will in turn receive a higher Click through (CTR). It also gets your creative juices flowing, as you’ll always be on the look out for a new ad to overtake the one you have. Split testing isn’t a one-time thing; it’s something you’ll do continuously with ads to see which version of an ad you post.

3. Fine Tune to Perfection

With the use of a Facebook ads manager app, or with Facebook itself, split testing your ads also allows you to finely tune your entire advertising process. Not only can you target your primary demographic with a refined ad, but you can also use features that allow you to branch out, and send ads to different demographics in order to attract a larger audience. This process of fine-tuning your campaign can only be performed properly with split testing.

To Conclude

Without campaign splitting, you’re at the mercy of a slow process and Facebook’s choice when it comes to which one of your ads represents your brand.

Split testing gives you the power of choice, a streamlined, cost-effective campaign, and a way to increase your CTR while ultimately refining your entire campaign.