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When we were first introduced to the social web and all of its shiny websites, it offered a place for us to share, discuss and create. The above graphic shows just how many social networks, sites and tools there are, and that number is only increasing.

The latest tools on the block seem to focus on organizing and cutting out the clutter, which makes our hearts swoon.

We researched and found some networks and tools to make your social life easier because the last thing most of us want are more sites to scour through. These tools will help you reclaim time in your schedule without missing a beat.

Wavii – Personalized Newsfeed

Self-described as the “Facebook of Google,” this instant, personalized newsfeed takes everything that is reported or shared on the Internet and produces interesting social content – or status updates – about it. Users can decide which topics or people they want to follow – from celebrities to gadgets or an industry – and that news will be delivered in their feed. From there, the experience can be as social as you like by sharing and reacting to news, following other users and more.
Cost: Free.

Piktochart – Create Infographics

This site makes it simple to modify and customize infographics through its library of templates. The basic version is free and offers 3 themes but you can upgrade for under $200/year and get 100 themes.  It is in its rudimentary stages and they promise much more to come.­­­
Cost: Free, with option to upgrade.


Triberr – Share Blog Content with a Bigger Audience

If you have a blog, Triberr is a tool you want in your arsenal. The content distribution network allows users to “push their message up.” Users can create and join tribes – for instance, a public relations tribe – and members can automatically or manually share their blog content to the group. From there, it is easy for the tribe to share it with others outside the network. Not sure if you should join? Members often report tripling their traffic.
Cost: Free with option to upgrade for $40/month.

Medium – Next-generation Publishing Tool

If you like to read or write, you should keep your eye on Medium. Content is broken into collections – which are defined by a theme – so it’s easy for readers to discover and easy for writers to gain an audience. From there, users can recommend and share content and offer feedback, and writers can create collections, decide who is invited or open it to everyone, and more. Right now, posting is open to a select few, but will eventually be allowed for all users. Did we mention Medium is the brainchild of Biz Stone and Ev Williams, the founders of Twitter?
Cost: Free.

Branch – Making it Easier to Share & Discuss

Although it’s still a work in progress, it’s another site released by Biz Stone and Ev Williams, so it’s one to consider joining. We think it’s best described by them: “Grab anything from the web, talk about it with anyone, publish it anywhere.” You can start a “branch” with an idea or question, or invite people to continue a conversation that started somewhere else, like say, in 140 characters on Twitter. Take a look and see what you think!
Cost: Free.

RebelMouse – Social Media Aggregator

We love organization and RebelMouse does just that. It pulls together your posts across multiple platforms and creates a homepage for all of your content.
Cost: Free.

Make Use Of – Finger on the Pulse of Tech

If you can’t get enough tips, apps, websites, tech help and guides, Make Use Of should be a go-to for you. This website will keep you in-the-know when it comes to anything tech.
Cost: Free.