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It would appear that Bing (Microsoft) has been taking notes. The following was released today from Bings Nishant Gupta

Updates from your feedback. One of these updates is an enhanced Search Query Report.  Currently in development, the new report offers an additional set of options to help you drill further into your campaign’s search data.  One of our most popular tools, campaign managers use it to:

1) Identify opportunities for new keywords and adjust your bids to maximize ROI

For example, if the Search Query Report shows your broad match keywords, golf clubs, is attracting clicks from search queries for: golf clubs sales and junior golf clubs.  You should add those two terms to your keyword list as exact match and bid appropriately to generate more click volume.

2) Control search traffic engaging with your campaigns

Also if the Search Query Report shows your broad match keyword, golf clubs, is attracting clicks from the search query: joining country clubs, but that term isn’t converting well on your web site, you could:

  • Use a broad match modifier to emphasize that your business is selling golf clubs: Add a “+” sign immediately in front of the word golf.  The modified keyword: +golf clubs will engage with search traffic that has the word golf in the query.  Also, you could consider adding joining country clubs to your negative keyword list to specifically block this traffic.

You can learn more about these two optimization techniques at  Bing Ads Cure Keywords Caught in Bad Romance

Over the next few months we’ll be working to improve the options available to you in this report—specifically, options that give you greater control over your data and the insights you can gleam from it.

For example, we will provide stop words and additional characters in the search query column of the enhanced report. The addition of stop words will give you access a more detailed level of search terms data, with insight from which you can then use to better optimize for a wider variety of specific search terms.

The following are some examples of stop words and additional characters that Bing Ads is working to include into the Search Query Report.  I’ve also added an example of how this information can be useful in optimizing your campaign.

Search Query_Example of Stop Words and CharactersBenefits of this enhancement can be illustrated by following example:

Play GolfCurrently the data for the search queries: how to play golf andwhere to play golf are both summarized under play golf in the search term column of the report. If you are teaching golf, you are much more interested in the first search query, but with the current report it is difficult to effectively monitor and manage those two search terms individually.  The enhanced Search Query Report will separate those two terms and their KPIs to enable golf teachers to apply specific optimization tactics to each of those two terms.

Giving you more granularity and insight on the Search Query Report is part of our continuing efforts to enhance Bing Ads’ performance.  We will keep you updated on the availability of this enhancement via this Community Site.