Ya know, I might be offended by this as it seems to smack at my aging memory but then again, I’m not sure I will remember by tomorrow why I am insulted.

By Justin Lafferty on

April 1, 2013 2:17 PM

Facebook is continuing its test of Offers, this time creating a “Remind Me,” button on the mobile News Feed. According to sister site Inside Facebook, some users are seeing such a button, which allows users to save an offer for later. This helps create conversions on offers, since many people are still uneasy with purchasing items via mobile.

Inside Facebook Editor Brittany Darwell noticed this on the iOS News Feed:

When a user taps the Remind Me button, they are given two options: Shop Now and Remind Me. Previously, these options were able available on desktop.

After selecting Remind Me, users will be sent an email and later a notification on Facebook. Inside Facebook notes that each retailer will decide when to remind customers, but they can only send one notification per offer. If a user taps Shop Now, they’ll be taken directly to a retailer’s website. Previously, the only option was Get Offer, which sent users an email with information about how to claim the offer.