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Here are the most recent Facebook Advertising changes you should know about.

#1: Lookalike Audiences

Facebook has added a new feature, called “Lookalike audiences,” that helps advertisers target users who are similar to their existing customers.

This feature is available to advertisers who are using Facebook’s Power Editor and allows businesses to target users similar to those in their Custom audience databases. A Lookalike audience can be created after an advertiser has uploaded first-party data which includes email address, phone number or user IDs for a custom audience. Facebook’s algorithms then analyze the custom audience information and produce a second audience that has similar profiles. Check out the article about Lookalike audiences that Jon Loomer recently wrote on his blog.

“There is no additional cost for creating or using Lookalike audiences, but the feature is currently only available for ad campaigns, not page post targeting.”

Facebook Lookalike Audiences

#2: Reach Users in News Feed with ‘Unpublished Posts’

Advertisers can now choose to target their posts to specific audiences in the News Feed. This option was previously available for ads that appeared on the right hand side of the desktop site; it was not available for feed-based ads.

Using Unpublished Posts, advertisers can reach specific audiences in their News Feeds without overwhelming them with different posts. According to InsideFacebook, “An athletic brand could make an unpublished post about a basketball product and only show that to fans who are interested in basketball, and then do a tennis-related post for tennis fans, and so on.”

This feature also allows advertisers to get more creative with their ads and to test creative ideas. Businesses can use Unpublished Posts to test variations of copy or images. You can create Unpublished Posts through the Power Editor or through Ads API and promote them in any placement.

#3. Updates to Ads Manager

Facebook has announced enhancements to the Ads Manager that allows advertisers to analyze their ad campaigns based on specific metrics. The new features match campaign goals with users’ actions. According to Facebook, “We know that marketers on Facebook have various goals. Some might care about app installs, some might want new fans for their pages, and some might want to increase people’s interactions with their posts. We are now helping marketers better identify what user actions drive their specific advertising goals. When advertisers create their ads in the ad create tool, they can choose from any of the following advertising goals. Now Ads Manager will display the actions they care about most more prominently in their campaign summary pages.”

The updated Ads Manager is expected to be rolled out globally in the next coming weeks.


Ads Manager Update

Photo credit: AllFacebook


#4: Enhancements to Mobile “Offers” Features

In February, Facebook began testing a new version of Offers on desktops. In case you’re playing catch-up, Facebook Offers are ads you pay for to offer a one-time discount, coupon or similar offer to your customers through your Facebook Page.

Facebook has been working on making Offers more effective, and their most recent change includes updates to the mobile capabilities of Offers. Users now have the option to choose “Remind Me” on a business’s offer when it appears on their mobile phone.  (This feature has been available on desktops since February.)

Facebook Offers Mobile

When a user selects “Remind Me” on an offer they receive an email at a later date and a notification on Facebook. Retailers can decide when they will remind users about their promotions. Users also have the option to choose “Shop Now” and purchase immediately.

This is a step up from the previous features which only allowed users to claim the offer immediately. It is also an improvement on Facebook’s mobile capabilities which are slowly catching up to the desktop features.


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