Ok so I am still a newbie, but i found this answer the best and simplest one out there!

wordpress tips

Such links are most commonly used for jumping from a table of contents to the beginning of a chapter or section (as in Wikipedia).

To do this, you need two pieces of code (in the html editor, of course): one at the source point and one at the destination point.

• If the destination point is on the same post or page, the code model is:

Source (= link proper)

<a href="#UniqueName">LINK TEXT HERE</a>


<a id="UniqueName"></a>

Where I’ve written UniqueName you can write anything – just make sure it’s exactly the same in that source/destination pair (including capitalization), and it’s unique to that pair (for another link like that, you’ll need a different UniqueName).

For example, your table of contents might be:
<a href="#intr">Introduction</a>
<a href="#ch1">Chapter One</a>

etc. etc.

Then right before each section title you would write:
<a id="intr"></a>
<a id="ch1"></a>

etc. etc.

(You can also use a…

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