Facebook mobile users

Facebook mobile users are growing (Infographic courtesy of Statista)

How are your competitors doing in social media marketing?

Social Media is here to stay.

“Since the emergence of the social media networks decades ago, social media has continued to evolve. It offers consumers around the world newfangled and connected ways to engage with the people that matter to them. Now, years later, social media is still growing rapidly, becoming an integral part of our daily lives.”  ~ Nielsen

Social media now takes up the majority of people’s media consumption. It’s undeniable that we are shifting into a new era of social.

“However, sometimes we need some compelling numbers to hinge on when speaking with others who might still be struggling to understand how to integrate social media into their overall marketing mix.” ~ HubSpot

Even if you are a veteran social media marketer, these stats will still give you some clues of the possibilities that the social media offers.

Let’s dig in and find out what’s the most interesting social media stats out there:

Amazing Social Media Marketing Statistics Every Marketer Should Know

Social Media Traffic

About 57% of brands said they would be using social media more often in 2013 (ClickzTweet This Stat!

Women spend 30% more time on social networking sites than men (comScoreTweet This Stat!

40% of time on Facebook is spent on the newsfeed while only 12% is spent on profile and brand pages (comScore)Tweet This Stat!

Social networks dominate internet usage, with 20% of PC time and 30% of mobile time spent on them.(NielsenTweet This Stat!

The “Provide and Pray” approach to social collaboration sees about a 10% success rate. Without a well-crafted and compelling purpose, most social media initiatives will fail to deliver business value. (GarnerTweet This Stat!

Facebook accounts for 23% of all time spent on mobile apps in the US which is a huge amount of time. (comScoreTweet This Stat!

91% of online adults use social media regularly. (ExperianTweet This Stat!

Nearly 80 percent of Indians now have a mobile phone, but only 11 percent have Internet access, and fewer than 5 percent use social media. (Nieman LabTweet This Stat!

Social Commerce and Customer Service

China’s E-Commerce market grew to $190 billion In 2012, driven by mobile users and social media
(CNNICTweet This Stat!

Almost half of online customers expect brands to provide customer service on Facebook, but only 23% provide it. Interestingly, much less people (only 17%) expect great customer service from Twitter. (emarketerTweet This Stat!

The majority of the CEOs said that social media will be the most important technology channel used by companies to engage with their customers within three to five years. (IBMTweet This Stat!

60% of financial Advisers have daily contact with clients through social media, some likely flouting their firms’ current policies against this type of activity.(AccentureTweet This Stat!

Social Media Ads

Twitter ad revenue to near $1 billion in 2014. According to the new forecast, more than half of Twitter’s ad revenues—about 53%—will come from mobile advertising this year, up from virtually no ad revenue from mobile in 2011.(eMarketerTweet This Stat!

Nearly three-quarters (70%) of brand marketers plan to increase their use of social media in 2013, followed closely by mobile advertising (69%) and video advertising (64%).(NielsenTweet This Stat!

Nearly half (45%) of advertisers say they use paid social media advertising for branding, such as raising awareness and influencing brand opinions. Just 16 percent say their efforts are primarily direct response-related, including driving product trails and site visits. (NielsenTweet This Stat!

Before long, let’s take a closer look at this infographic uses data from the Pew Research Center to show what are the demographics for social media from many perspectives, including age, gender, race, household income, and more. It’s all vital information that marketers can use to target their social media audiences wisely.

Infographic - Social Media Demographic and Statistic

Social Media Demographic and Statistic

What is your favorite social media related statistic? Have you come across any interesting social media stats that we have missed? Please give them a shout in the comments section below.