Not exactly what I would have expected…hum may have to re think some strategy!


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Just the numbers and numbers don’t lie, right?

In March of this year, software company Syncapse asked 2,080 fans of 20 major brands (including Disney, Coca Cola, Levi’s, Subway and H&M) why they became Facebook fans of certain brands. Some of the answers might surprise you, e.g. nearly half of Fans like a page because they “support” the brand.

One eye-catching finding from the report is that the average value of a Facebook Fan is $174 (up 28% from 2010), based on spending, loyalty, propensity to recommend, earned media value, acquisition cost and brand affinity.

Here are some other interesting statistics from the study. Some of them might motivate to rethink how you use apps on your Facebook page.

• 78% of Fans use a brand before they Like its page
• 49% of Brand Fans say they Like a…

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