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Pinterest is one of the easiest social networks to navigate, given its image-rich format. Pinterest is designed to easily allow you to organize and share photos online that link back to the original website or source. Once you upload or share an image on Pinterest, this image is referred to as a Pin. You then organize Pins onto user-created, customizable Boards based on a similar theme. For instance, a baker might have a “Gluten Free Cupcakes” board, an interior designer may have a “Before and After” board featuring inspiring makeover pins, and so on. The possibilities of your Boards are limited only by your imagination, and the correct creation of Boards for your business can greatly increase traffic, engagement and your audience. Fellow Pinners can find your boards through Pinterest’s feeds, searches and the repins of fellow users.

Pinterest Facts:

  • About 85 million unique visitors visit Pinterest each month
  • 70 million registered users worldwide
  • Daily user engagement has increased 145 percent since 2012
  • Pinterest currently generates more referral traffic to business websites than Youtube, Google+ and Linkedin combined

Pinterest Basics:

  • A pin is any image or video you upload to Pinterest.
  • Any pin can be repined by other users, and links back to its original source (We recommend pinning images from your website, to increase traffic and engagement for your small business. If you need assistance with your website, we would be happy to provide that.)
  • Pins are then organized onto custom boards, which are arranged by topics of your choosing.

Your Pinterest Account:

  • Only verified business accounts can market their goods or products through rich pins, and have access to Pinterest Analytics.
  • Rich pins allow you to display product information such as price, availability, customer reviews, ingredients and more.
  • You must have a properly working website to apply for a Pinterest business account.

What To Pin?

  • You can pin a variety of different images. We recommend pinning your top selling products or services, along with industry related blog content from your website.

Pinterest and Other Social Media

  • We highly recommend you integrate your Pinterest updates into your other social media platforms for increased social sharing, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

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