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1. Enhance Your Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is a place where you can showcase your professional career. It is also a place to actively promote the value of your business to potential leads, so make the most if it!

A few ways to enhance your LinkedIn profile:

Complete your profile including past and current employer information, your background summary, special skills, education information plus all contact details including websites and social media networks. Make sure keywords specific to your industry are included.

  • Upload attachments such as letters of recommendation, client testimonials, presentation slide decks, or other information relevant to your occupation or industry.
  • Add a business headshot that best suits the professional LinkedIn atmosphere.
  • Create a strategically written headline that immediately allows community members to identify with and understand your value proposition.

  2. Make Thoughtful Connections

LinkedIn is an excellent way to connect with potential leads.  However, it is important to abide by LinkedIn best practices and avoid being viewed as a spammer.

If you are sending requests to connect, do not send one without adding a custom message. Sending the standard LinkedIn message does not explain who you are or what your purpose in connecting is.

The LinkedIn default message states, “I use LinkedIn to keep track of my professional network, and would like to add you.” If it sounds like an easy way to quickly send random new connections an invite, you would be wrong.

Take your time in identifying who you would like to connect with and be thoughtful in your intentions to connect. Re-work that standard message to include details about you, your company and a short explanation as to why you would like to connect.

  3. Participate In Groups

Joining a LinkedIn group relevant to your business or niche is a wonderful way to strengthen connections with like-minded individuals and connect with consumers interested in a particular product or with a specific need.

LinkedIn groups offer a space where members can share their experience, knowledge and wisdom in a trusted and credible environment.

Research and join groups that have similar interests to yours. Then actively participate to build credibility within the community. Become an enthusiastic member and network to build trust and relationships over time.

  4. Create a Group

In addition to the above LinkedIn lead generation concept, you have the ability to create your own group.

As the owner of a group, you are given extra privileges to communicate with your members through an email newsletter. This is a powerful way to generate leads by targeting a group interested in your specific niche or product.

Start daily conversations by asking questions, answering a frequently asked question, posting a video tip or providing a resource that consumers are eagerly in need of.  Your goal is to provide as much free information as possible and become a go-to resource within your industry or field.

  5. Paid Advertising

This opportunity might sound simple, but it remains a powerful way of generating the right leads through LinkedIn. You can purchase advertising and target a wide range of demographics ensuring that LinkedIn provides the quality leads you are looking for.

Used effectively, LinkedIn can serve as your main source of quality leads. How will you get started with LinkedIn lead generation today?


Originally written by Rebekah Radice and posted on Steamfeed.