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Audience Insights - Facebook

Marketing is all about delivering the right messages to the right audience at the right time.  Facebook For Business has just announced yet another enhancement to their platform that will deliver even more granular customer information to anyone advertising on this platform.

Audience Insights makes it possible to view an audience by age, gender, lifestyle, education, relationship status, job role and household size, and also by where they live and what language they speak.  Audience Insights will also track Facebook usage – how often people log into Facebook and what devices they use to do it, along with which categories of Pages they like (restaurants, sports, etc.)  Even more impressive is the feature that allows marketers to track purchase behavior, what and how they buy (For Example: online or in-store).

Facebook addresses privacy issues by offering only aggregated information that people are already sharing on Facebook, along with data from “trusted third-party partners.” They do not share information on specific individuals.  This aggregate anonymous information can be accessed three different ways:  People on Facebook; people connected to certain Pages or events; and custom audience of brands (current customers).

This new targeting strategy differs from the present Page Insights in that Page Insights gave only information about interactions with a Business Page.  Audience Insights looks at people across Facebook.

Facebook believes that these targeting enhancements will not only help marketers speak to the people they want to reach, but will also help consumers by displaying ads that will be of interest them.

For example, retailers can now find out not only how many people live near their store, but also information about what types of products they tend to buy (high end vs. economy) and whether they prefer to buy in the store or online.  This will give business owners a window into their potential customers that they have never had before.